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Oct 2016
Osaid Rehman Nasir
Oct 26 2016 18:59
I just wanted to ask about coala/coala-bears#936
All i did was change 2 words and still there was some error
I am a noob so any help will be appreciated
Mischa Krüger
Oct 26 2016 19:02
@ragnerok we don't use merge commits :) As we have some style guidelines about commit message lengths (50 chars for shortlog), our CI complains :)
please use a rebase
(sadly github doesn't have a rebase button ...)
it looks like your PR is out of date and needs a rebase. [This page]( may help you to get started on this. (*Do not press the update branch button. It's evil.*)

We also have a quick video tutorial on how to rebase: []( That should help you understand the basics of how it works and what you should be doing.

Add the original coala repository as a remote:

git remote add upstream

(Be sure to use the coala-bears URL if you're on coala bears!)

Then go to your branch and rebase it onto our master:

git checkout <yourbranch>
git fetch upstream
git rebase --interactive upstream/master

Now push it up. You will need to do a force push because you change history here (do not do this on master branches :)):

git push --force
@ragnerok btw the commit message of the first commit should be adjusted a bit:
We use following form:
tag: What does this commit
In your case I would say:
YapfBear: Invert if-condition
oh no better
YapfBear: Reduce if-condition
actually you don't invert the condition but expand it :)
Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Oct 26 2016 19:06
feels so satisfying when mischa is helping ppl :p
Mischa Krüger
Oct 26 2016 19:07
(that's the look of my face currently you know :3)
Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Oct 26 2016 19:07
Osaid Rehman Nasir
Oct 26 2016 19:12
@Makman2 thanks