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Dec 2016
John Vandenberg
Dec 25 2016 04:46
@SarthakNijhawan, if you are around, a rebase of coala/coala-bears#1201 now will mean we can push it in
Sarthak Nijhawan
Dec 25 2016 06:52
:+1: ok, rebasing now!
Dec 25 2016 21:32
@Makman2 Um as I told you, by doing args['affected_code'] = range, we are overwriting the affected_code tuple of SourceRange objects that was previously there
I think we can just assign it once then, just after declaring args :+1:
Mischa Krüger
Dec 25 2016 21:40
Sorry that I don't seem to understand
But why do you want to overwrite it?