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Jan 2017
John Vandenberg
Jan 07 2017 05:49 UTC
Another release of pyflakes is possibly on horizon due to for py36 support
Ive not see any discussion about it, but it is logical imo to do a patch level release
Robin Saleh-Jan
Jan 07 2017 14:17 UTC

I need some suggestions :)

The linter I'm writing a bear around analyzes the whole project. You run the linter in the root of the project directory (where a mix.exs file exists) and outputs the result.

I'm assuming I need to subclass the GlobalBear class in conjunction with the linter decorator to get it working project-wide?

Thanks :)

Arjun Nemani
Jan 07 2017 15:06 UTC
I think you should see pyinitbear
Or something similar
Lasse Schuirmann
Jan 07 2017 15:28 UTC
@robinsjdotcom take a look at CPDBear, sadly the linter decorator doesn't support GlobalBear yet (CC @Makman2 ;))
Robin Saleh-Jan
Jan 07 2017 15:44 UTC
Cool, thanks @nemaniarjun @sils :)
Mischa Krüger
Jan 07 2017 16:18 UTC
ping @NiklasMM, he's assigned to the issue :)
Jan 07 2017 16:19 UTC
I started working on it last week. Am afk over the weekend and hope to open a PR next week
Mischa Krüger
Jan 07 2017 16:19 UTC
cool, sounds good :D
Jan 07 2017 17:38 UTC
I think I found a workaround that fixes #1079
cobot assign coala/coala-bears#1079
Jan 07 2017 17:39 UTC
:tada: You have been assigned to coala/coala-bears#1079
Jan 07 2017 18:16 UTC
@Makman2 How early can the build be corrected?
The errors seem to be all over the place - multiple dependencies causing trouble?
Mischa Krüger
Jan 07 2017 18:58 UTC
@vijeth-aradhya just wanted to start with that issue :+1: