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Jan 2017
Naveen Kumar Sangi
Jan 22 2017 17:52
cobot mark wip coala/coala-bears#1333
Lasse Schuirmann
Jan 22 2017 17:59
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Naveen Kumar Sangi
Jan 22 2017 18:37
cobot mark wip coala/coala-bears#1333
Jan 22 2017 18:37
The pull request coala/coala-bears#1333 is marked work in progress. Use cobot mark pending or push to your branch if feedback from the community is needed again.
Arush Goyal
Jan 22 2017 20:35
@Adrianzatreanu how do you test cib on different platforms?
Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Jan 22 2017 22:32
@arush0311 well you have to test distribution requirement first
there .. must .. be a way
kinda try to provide different alternatives for each package
mostly research
youd treat probably yum, dnf, apt-get, brew, check to see if there are similarily named packages
and install the correct one
if not, throw an error and expect the user to install it himself if it exists on his stone age OS