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Jan 2017
Shruti Sharma
Jan 25 2017 03:44

when i tried to check the bear results for a python file by using

coala --bears AnnotationBear -f --save

and when it asked for setting language- give "python", then on checking .coafile i didn't find any result that AnnotationBear has to give
so, how to check result?

John Vandenberg
Jan 25 2017 04:57
@shrutishrm512 , that looks like a good question for
Shruti Sharma
Jan 25 2017 05:11
okay! @jayvdb :smile: , but do you have any idea about other way to check such results ?
John Vandenberg
Jan 25 2017 05:38
someone will answer on SO
Jan 25 2017 07:13
@Adrianzatreanu "Installing coala-bears is forbidden, and use cib for installing bears"
Should we ask the user to uninstall bears as well?
Need help on that context ^^^ thanks! :smile:
Zatreanu Adrian-Gabriel
Jan 25 2017 09:23
@vijeth-aradhya i have no idea what @sils means
he probably means that we have cib (a bear installation tool which i made) and we should totally use it, as it lets you install bears one by one and their dependencies
whereas installing coala-bears forces you to grab everything in the repo
not very sure tho
Lasse Schuirmann
Jan 25 2017 09:51
the point is if you have coala-bears installed
and you use cib to install something
conflicts will happen because of doubly installed bears
things will break
we need to tell the user
something like:
You cannot use cib while the `coala-bears` package is installed because cib installed bears will conflict with your currently installed ones. Use `pip uninstall coala-bears` if you want to use cib.
Jan 25 2017 10:06
maybe cib could take care of that
if they have coala-bears installed, it already has the source bear files
generate packages from those files
and then install each bear individually
and then uninstall coala-bears
that way the user doesn't have to uninstall and then download everything again
Lasse Schuirmann
Jan 25 2017 10:18
let's just show the message for now
it's simple
Jan 25 2017 11:52
oh alright :+1:
I'll change it
@adtac IMHO if cib is complete, then we should not allow installing coala-bears at all (like deprecate the package or something). I agree with you then we can go ahead and uninstall the package, but for now (till cib is complete at least), we 'll show the message
Jan 25 2017 12:05
@sils done.. :+1:
Jan 25 2017 16:51
So, ... is cib finally stable now ?
Jan 25 2017 16:52
@AbdealiJK Nope still work need to be done..
AbdealiJK @AbdealiJK eagerly awaits