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Feb 2017
Satwik Kansal
Feb 26 2017 11:15
cobot assign coala/coala-bears#1453
Feb 26 2017 11:15
:tada: You have been assigned to coala/coala-bears#1453
Feb 26 2017 18:04
dear devs,
in the 'checks' section of any pull request, why is there written that the circleCI and Appveyor builds are "REQUIRED"; but there's no such mention of "REQUIRED" for the TravisBuilds?
cheers! :tada:
are the travis builds not as important as circle and appveyor?
Sahil Arora
Feb 26 2017 18:05
I think circle does everything which Travis does. And maybe more. Not sure though, would like to know.
Feb 26 2017 18:05
more or less
travis is there to test other versions of python
an to step in when circle mysteriously stops working
Feb 26 2017 18:06
@Mixih :+1:
John Vandenberg
Feb 26 2017 22:23
and Circle does commit message checking, which Travis cant do, but GitMate also does it
we have failures everywhere at the moment
one of the strange ones : coala/coala-bears#1460
John Vandenberg
Feb 26 2017 23:47
I believe the underlying problem is corrupt (partially downloaded?) jar files
which of course become cached
(no new version of requests, so that isnt part of the problem)
but it is very strange that coala/coala-bears#1460 occurs without an exception being logged