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Mar 2017
Adhika Setya Pramudita
Mar 27 2017 06:17
cobot mark wip coala/coala-bears#1396
Mar 27 2017 06:17
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Kaustubh Hiware
Mar 27 2017 08:30
cobot assign coala/coala-bears#211
Mar 27 2017 08:30
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Shruti Sharma
Mar 27 2017 15:19
coala/coala-bears#774 For this issue , I will add example in the docstring of itself or in somewhere else ?
in the example, i need what type of error AnnotationBear gives on applying to any file ?
Satwik Kansal
Mar 27 2017 16:19
What's the exact definition of a Generic Bear?
Is it "A bear that can run on all languages" or "A bear that runs on multiple languages" or "A bear that performs language agnostic analysis"
Mar 27 2017 19:44
cobot help
John Vandenberg
Mar 27 2017 21:54
good question @satwikkansal . I think the term Generic Bear is always a bear that uses a language definition, and so it is doing language agnostic analysis, and to be useful it should run on multiple languages
i.e. doing language agnostic analysis which only targets a single language is not very helpful, unless it is only prototyping and the goal is eventually to support multiple languages.
John Vandenberg
Mar 27 2017 22:23
@yash-nisar , are you nearly done with the Travis breakage work. You're doing a lot of builds on the main repo
If you are doing debugging, you should be doing it on