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Apr 2017
Apr 03 2017 11:53
I want to use KeywordBear just with the regex
but keywords defaults to "TODO" and "FIX" oder somethign
how can I set it to an empty set?
John Vandenberg
Apr 03 2017 12:57
keywords=\n ?
Apr 03 2017 12:58
I got it to work with keywords=\0
´\0´ is apparently interepreted as null/None
Satwik Kansal
Apr 03 2017 14:57
@jayvdb around? could you please help in solving coala/coala-bears#1572. Looks like an issue in resolving hlint dependency
John Vandenberg
Apr 03 2017 15:07
besok :P
Kaustubh Hiware
Apr 03 2017 15:56


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