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Jun 2017
Yash Nisar
Jun 10 2017 06:51
Mridu Bhatnagar
Jun 10 2017 09:07
cobot help
Jun 10 2017 09:07
Hello World - Get invited to the coala organization.
cobot (invite|inv) <username> [to [team]] - Allows maintainers to invite users to the coala organization.
cobot (new|file) issue <repository> <title><newline>[description] - Creates a GitHub issue given the repo name, title and description. Write description in new line.
cobot <nevermind|nm> - Doesn't mind.
cobot <wa|wolfram> <question> - Searches Wolfram Alpha for the answer to the question.
cobot assign <issue_link> - Assigns issue <issue_link> to user
cobot explain [topic] [to <explainee>] - Returns the info we have on your topic. Use explainee tag only if you want to mention it to anyone.
cobot ghetto <text> - Real talk yo
cobot help - Displays all of the help commands that Hubot knows about.
cobot help <query> - Displays all help commands that match <query>.
cobot lmgtfy <term> - Searches google for you!
cobot mark (wip|pending) <pull URL> - Marks the given pull request as work in progress/pending review.
cobot the rules - Make sure hubot still knows the rules.
cobot unassign <issue_link> - Unassign the user from the issue <issue_link>
ship it - Display a motivation squirrel
Mridu Bhatnagar
Jun 10 2017 09:08
cobot explain coala/coala-bears#1824