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Jun 2017
Jun 17 2017 04:23
ran coala-quickstar -ci locally over my project directory
ran it successfully over travis-ci with build log
I ended up with errors when i did the above action
but when installed the stable release from pip , i ran successfully on local project
hope if reviewers cud help me with this
waiting for my assessment report of Google-Code-In-Task-Use-coala
have my rep for travis-build at
Arjun Singh Yadav
Jun 17 2017 05:24
@jayvdb before we can use AddressableRequirementSet we would need fixing coalib/bears/Bear.check_prerequisites . It is not compatible with dicts.
Related to coala/coala-bears#1669
And AddressableRequirementSet is a dict in core not a set so using it breaks tests
Arjun Singh Yadav
Jun 17 2017 05:31


if isinstance(requirement, str):
    requirement = cls.REQUIREMENTS[requirement]


Arjun Singh Yadav
Jun 17 2017 05:47
cobot mark wip coala/coala-bears#1669
Jun 17 2017 05:48
The pull request coala/coala-bears#1669 is marked work in progress. Use cobot mark pending or push to your branch if feedback from the community is needed again.