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Jun 2017
Mridu Bhatnagar
Jun 19 2017 08:57
cobot mark wip coala/coala-bears#1844
Jun 19 2017 08:57
The pull request coala/coala-bears#1844 is marked work in progress. Use cobot mark pending or push to your branch if feedback from the community is needed again.
John Vandenberg
Jun 19 2017 16:02
@damngamerz I dont understand how you want to use severity for coala/coala#2143 . use MAJOR instead of NORMAL?
Saurav Singh
Jun 19 2017 18:41
^ I got it :+1: nvm
Hey since Mischa is busy can you review this one coala/coala#4368 It's blocking my other PR's.
Jun 19 2017 19:37
cobot mark wip coala/coala-bears#1799