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Jul 2017
Monal Shadi
Jul 02 2017 00:19
Yash Nisar
Jul 02 2017 02:48
Thanks @jayvdb
There is one more newcomer issue to be done IIRC
Meet Mangukiya
Jul 02 2017 09:46
If it is related to gsoc and a blocker you should do it yourself. Sacrifice newcomer issues ;) I don't think that'd be a problem
Would it?
John Vandenberg
Jul 02 2017 10:39
If it is breaking the repo, or holding up a gsoc project, then it needs fixing asap.
Yash Nisar
Jul 02 2017 11:07
Okay, I'm on it
Jul 02 2017 17:42
@jayvdb I finally rebased my PR coala/coala-bears#1751