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Jul 2017
Prachi Manchanda
Jul 05 2017 03:11
cobot mark wip coala/coala-quickstart#130
Jul 05 2017 03:11
The pull request coala/coala-quickstart#130 is marked work in progress. Use cobot mark pending or push to your branch if feedback from the community is needed again.
Ipshita Chatterjee
Jul 05 2017 03:28

Hi! I was working on coala/coala-bears#1402
I have gone through the Writing Linter Bears documentation and getting a hang of things and have tried running flog on different ruby codes. I want to know whether I am correct on the following points -

This bear needs to be implemented to show score at the method level.

Bear shows the user the methods which are above a certain set threshold value. This preference can be taken from .coafile. Default for flog is 60.0 ( Codeclimate has it set at 20.0). The -t flag can be used.

Do we exclude the code that is outside of methods? (-m flag)

Also we should continue to analyze other code if we encounter any parse/syntax? (-c flag)

Any help or ideas will be appreciated! Thanks :smiley:

Yash Nisar
Jul 05 2017 05:40
coala doesn't raise an error when a wrong setting is given in the command line arguments.
coala -b SpaceConsistencyBear -S random_value=True -f --flush-cache
Danish Prakash
Jul 05 2017 06:26
@jayvdb only circleci is failing and it is probably the same issue as before, related to Jinja2Bear coala/coala-bears#1661
John Vandenberg
Jul 05 2017 08:09
@IpshitaC , correct re setting for -t value. IMO -c isnt very helpful. When there is a parse error, the user needs to fix that first, and then rerun coala.
Re -m , IMO build the bear without it, and it can be added later
Jinja2Bear problem is new; @yash-nisar , are you seeing it also?
Yash Nisar
Jul 05 2017 08:18
I'm doing the RuboCopBear problem
We had pinned it to 0.47 as the temporary solution
Jinja2Bear problem should be easy to fix
yash-nisar @yash-nisar investigates about how did the problem arise in the first place :O
Meet Mangukiya
Jul 05 2017 14:58
do we have a bear that has at least 2 non_optional_settings?