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Jul 2017
Jul 10 2017 00:57
Congratulations! You've been assigned to the issue. :tada:
Muhammad Kaisar Arkhan
Jul 10 2017 01:39
@Monal5031 I'm still at school, I'll take a look when I'm home
Monal Shadi
Jul 10 2017 01:39
Okay :+1:
John Vandenberg
Jul 10 2017 11:00
@yash-nisar , why are you doing a newcomer fix? :P is it on the critical path for your project?
Yash Nisar
Jul 10 2017 12:08
A part of enhancing the MarkdownBear, I want it to be cleaned up by the end of this phase
John Vandenberg
Jul 10 2017 12:51
if CI doesnt enforce it, you are pissing into the wind