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Jul 2017
John Vandenberg
Jul 18 2017 01:16
I'd prefer coala core than coala bears
bears has lots of breakages due to environment. Dont want another set of problems there
Amr Mohamed
Jul 18 2017 08:05
cobot assign coala/coala-bears#1932
Jul 18 2017 08:05
:tada: You have been assigned to coala/coala-bears#1932
Lasse Schuirmann
Jul 18 2017 08:46
@jayvdb ok
I'll try doing it tomorrow morning so we'll be available for monitoring the situation.
Amr Mohamed
Jul 18 2017 10:14
Monal Shadi
Jul 18 2017 19:02 Anyone has idea why its not able to find package managers :/