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Jul 2017
John Vandenberg
Jul 20 2017 11:17
@yash-nisar @Makman2 - this is running the bear tests in current coala, and MarkdownBear is failing
seems to be related to coala/coala-bears@71f6bc5
the only potential issue I can see is that it uses python3 install; whereas the existing install on the docker was with pip, so maybe the new install isnt actually working ... looking into that now
John Vandenberg
Jul 20 2017 11:53
hmm ... confirms the installed bear is updated ... linecount = 161, same as master
Mischa Krüger
Jul 20 2017 12:10
hm that looks weird, as the commit should be covered by the coala-bears tests only. @jayvdb
John Vandenberg
Jul 20 2017 13:50
@Makman2 that is bear tests running with master coala
i guess i can confirm this by doing an uncached bears build
John Vandenberg
Jul 20 2017 14:47
^ uncached build green
Amr Mohamed
Jul 20 2017 17:01
@yukiisbored I have added a basic implementation for the ShebangBear.
Could you please review it?
Lasse Schuirmann
Jul 20 2017 20:58
@AMR-KELEG don't see your PR on , was it already reviewed?
Amr Mohamed
Jul 20 2017 21:48
@sils It was reviewed but we still haven't figured out the next step.
It would be great if you can have a look coala/coala-bears#1937
I know it's still missing the tests but i want to ensure that i have implemented it in a good way.