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Aug 2017
Rahul Jha
Aug 18 2017 11:37
If we need to bump up the version for a requirement, is it necessary we change it at both places:
  • REQUIREMENTS attr of the Bear Class, and
  • bear-requirements.txt?
Meet Mangukiya
Aug 18 2017 11:48
It sure should reflect in bear-requirements.txt
And it wouldn't make sense if we don't sync up the version in REQUIREMENTS attribute
So I guess, both :/
Rahul Jha
Aug 18 2017 11:51
Hmm, can't we just name the requirement in REQUIREMENTS field and it can parse the version from bear-requirements.txt
Yash Nisar
Aug 18 2017 12:03
Yes @RJ722 , we need to change them at both places
Rahul Jha
Aug 18 2017 12:09
Should I open an issue regarding this?
we are very lazy, remember? :p
Yash Nisar
Aug 18 2017 13:54
Nope, this is done on purpose so there is no mismatch of versions.
I don't exactly remember, you can have a look at the commit message
Rahul Jha
Aug 18 2017 14:03
oh, okay!
Thanks @yash-nisar