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Oct 2017
Pranav Dixit
Oct 17 2017 02:34 UTC
@15BCS047 In that case, doesn't it run it when you push commits to your fork?
Danish Prakash
Oct 17 2017 06:26 UTC
can bears be installed independently?
Vaibhav Rai
Oct 17 2017 10:33 UTC
@Makman2 i think this issue is already gets solved as changes made by @Dawny33 is reflecting in Readme.rst so why issue is currently open
Adhityaa Chandrasekar
Oct 17 2017 10:36 UTC
it's not recommended yet, however
Mischa Krüger
Oct 17 2017 21:13 UTC
@RaiVaibhav sorry, context? :sweat_smile:
lost thread :sweat_smile:
Vaibhav Rai
Oct 17 2017 21:14 UTC