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Dec 2017
Anuyog Rohilla
Dec 11 2017 04:27
coala/coala-bears#2157 is approved. Can it be merged now?
Sibasish Ghosh
Dec 11 2017 09:27
coala/coala-bears#2154 has been approved. Can someone merge it please?
Danish Prakash
Dec 11 2017 10:19
wait for a maintainer for a final review before actually merging it.
cc @jayvdb
John Vandenberg
Dec 11 2017 11:05
Sorry, im too busy for bears atm, ping another maintainer :P
(Except high priority patches)
Dec 11 2017 15:20
corobo mark pending coala/coala-bears#2153
Dec 11 2017 15:20
Command "mark" / "mark pending" not found.
Dec 11 2017 15:21
corobo help
John Vandenberg
Dec 11 2017 15:27
The bot is only doing invite atm
Dec 11 2017 18:49
@Makman2 how could I provide config_file to an executable ?
Mischa Krüger
Dec 11 2017 19:23
@bhavishyagopesh please read the linter guides, I think in this case it's the "Advanced Linter Reference"