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Dec 2017
Dec 12 2017 06:11
Why will a bear fail to run on a given file?
Palash Nigam
Dec 12 2017 06:22
How does one determine if a linter bear needs a generate_config() function or not? Is generate_config() used to provide a default config file if the user doesn't provide one?
Mischa Krüger
Dec 12 2017 10:38
@newbazz due to bugs
@palash25 generate config is only useful if the linter specified only takes configuration files for style definitions and can't receive them via CLI
Then you create this config file in generate-config and pass it inside create arguments are
Otherwise it should be avoided, as it creates file IO traffic (which is usually much slower than passing args on the cli)
Dec 12 2017 10:48
@Makman2 made the required changes ;)
Only ur reviewing is left ;P
Mischa Krüger
Dec 12 2017 10:49
Kk ;)
Will take soon a look :)
Dec 12 2017 23:40
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