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Dec 2017
Monal Shadi
Dec 17 2017 00:04
@Makman2 Nope rebuild didn't fix it :(
Mischa Krüger
Dec 17 2017 00:09

@Makman2 , there was a new release of pylint very recently

sigh... okay seems we have to take care of that

@Monal5031 please compare your build problem with the one I've posted here
if there are similarities, post the link there, if not --> new issue
and retry next day again, maybe it's temporary
Monal Shadi
Dec 17 2017 00:11
Vaibhav Rai
Dec 17 2017 05:04
Mischa Krüger
Dec 17 2017 13:20
wheee... Could someone mention pylint's update on the issue? (On the first one)
Mischa Krüger
Dec 17 2017 15:49

CI status update: I've hopefully addressed the build fail by fixing the tool versions that received recent updates. It will be reviewed soon and merged, after that CI should work fine again.
Just rebase your PRs after the merge and your builds should go green again in case you don't have any other errors ;)

Relevant issue: coala/coala-bears#2175

Relevant PR: coala/coala-bears#2176
John Vandenberg
Dec 17 2017 15:56
We'll notify everyone when it is merged; dont rebase just yet ;-)