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Dec 2017
Dec 21 2017 08:09
In my PR coala/coala-bears#2184
when I am locally testing PyLintBear with Pylint 1.8.1, my tests are passing fine
but they are failing in CI build
can someone please take a look?
Vaibhav Rai
Dec 21 2017 09:30
@newbazz can you check please
the PR on which you ack, you ack by commenting there as I have seen some PR approved by you in coala-bears and coala repo
John Vandenberg
Dec 21 2017 09:46
@nvzard , you were told in that bug that the tests need to be updated, and you havent updated the tests
your PR says "Modifying tests as per PyLint updates." but you havent done that
if the tests are working on your machine with 1.8.1, you havent reproduced the problem yet, and shouldnt be submitted a PR
Dec 21 2017 10:07
@jayvdb Yeah I haven't updated the tests yet, this PR is still WIP. I have updated the version of PyLint in PyLintBear. The tests passed for Travis CI but are failing for AppVeyor, I've been trying hard to figure out what is wrong with the tests.... hope I find out soon.
John Vandenberg
Dec 21 2017 10:10
check the pylint installation in each CI ; maybe the wrong version is being installed ?
Dec 21 2017 10:11
@RaiVaibhav M not getting you
Dec 21 2017 10:16


Requirement already satisfied: pylint~=1.8.1 in /home/travis/virtualenv/python3.6.1/lib/python3.6/site-packages (from coala-bears==0.12.0.dev99999999999999)


Collecting pylint~=1.8.1 (from -r bear-requirements.txt (line 27))
  Downloading pylint-1.8.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl (683kB)
Amr Mohamed
Dec 21 2017 13:51
Hello all,
I am currently working on this issue coala/coala-bears#1932
It fixes the usage of the Shebang operator #!.
Do you have recommendations for the type that should be used in the CAN_FIX attribute?
Kriti Rohilla
Dec 21 2017 18:05
Please assign me this issue. coala/coala-bears#873
Monal Shadi
Dec 21 2017 20:06
Is gitmate down on bears repo? Didn't label the last 2 PRs :/