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Feb 2018
Mohit Juneja
Feb 25 2018 17:57

I am making a native bear. I have used an extra option which is set to its default value. Can someone please tell me how can I apply that option to my bear? I was using

coala --bear-dirs=. --bears=PythonTutorialBear \
> -S pylint_rcfile=my_rcfile

(linter bear tutorial) but mine is not a linter bear. The above method is giving me[WARNING][23:02:10] No existent section was targeted or enabled. Nothing to do..
Any suggestion?

Mischa Krüger
Feb 25 2018 19:05
Hm could you file an issue? @Mohit17067
And could you test a few commits back? (I guess 10-20 commits)
We recently merged something that might be relevant
Sangam Kumar
Feb 25 2018 19:22
@Makman2, about coala/coala-bears#2292, the ci check is failing but I don't think it is failing because of this PR. Please take a look.
Vaibhav Rai
Feb 25 2018 20:25
Any maintainer please label it coala/coala-bears#2293