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Mar 2018
Bianca Gibson
Mar 02 2018 01:22
Hi everyone, thanks for providing such a useful piece of software! I'm new around here, and I'm interested in making a bear to integrate clang-analyzer ( I've taken a look at the documentation for writing linter bears (, and it looks like it only supports running tools over one file at a time. Since clang-analyzer does flow analysis I'd much rather run it on the entire code base at once. Here's the documentation on running clang-analyzer from the command line to give an indication of how it's called: What approach would you suggest for making a bear for clang-analyzer? Looking forward to hearing back from you :).
Manan Kalra
Mar 02 2018 03:36
@biancaG Global Bears are used for running linters on project-level.
Also, according to the link that you've provided:

It is also possible to use scan-build to analyze specific files:

$ scan-build gcc -c t1.c t2.c

Bianca Gibson
Mar 02 2018 03:39
Thanks, I didn't realise there were also global linter bears!