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Mar 2018
Harsh Kumar Bhartiya
Mar 04 2018 06:59
Please assign this issue to me coala/coala-bears#2298 :smile:
Mischa Krüger
Mar 04 2018 14:03
@harshhx17 please coordinate with @alphadose, he has the same issue for the other repo ;)
Anish Mukherjee
Mar 04 2018 14:08
CircleCI 1.0 was a lot simpler :3
Harsh Kumar Bhartiya
Mar 04 2018 14:17
Cool :wink:
Viresh Gupta
Mar 04 2018 17:12

Anyone aware of the behaviour of GitCommitBear ?
I was trying to map it down to HgCommitBear.
Almost all the functionalities are there except for issue referencing

I am a little confused as to what does the bear do by marking hosts as supported / unsupported
And the option body_close_issue seems like an additional switch that does nothing apart from the reference check on/off (which I feel is the same as body_enforce_issue_reference). And in case the host is not supported, we can still check whether the commit body has a closes keyword or not, so I can't understand why do we need to have a supported host for checking issue reference
Any help would be appreciated

I understood that different hosts have different referral mechanisms, silly me :sweat_smile:
But still one thing remains, the behaviour is not to give a warning in case the host is not supported ?