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Mar 2018
Yash Nisar
Mar 12 2018 08:26
@virresh Your PR has been acked :)
Viresh Gupta
Mar 12 2018 08:34
Vaibhav Rai
Mar 12 2018 08:54
Any maintainer please review, opened PR 13 days ago :sweat_smile: coala/coala-bears#2296
@sangamcse I will remove the colon from commit reference,but will do it in last commit :+1:
Sangam Kumar
Mar 12 2018 09:13
Sure :smile:
Mar 12 2018 21:05

Is coala’s testing framework not installed when installing coala and coala-bears? I tried running pytest but it wasn’t imported. After I installed and ran it, all test cases fail due to an import error

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘requests_mock’

Am I missing something?