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Mar 2018
John Vandenberg
Mar 15 2018 00:31
ouch, that is a hard one ;)
Viresh Gupta
Mar 15 2018 02:19

@jayvdb @MacBox7
I just figured out what has happened regarding the appveyor builds failing,
From here :
Two days ago Appveyor upgraded from go 1.9 to go 1.10
So the default go on appveyor is 1.10 and from the changelog of go, ( link ), go vet has changed as compared to 1.9. Most notably, in 1.9 go vet and go tool vet had the same flags. But in 1.10, go vet has access to even more flags and thus it is almost similar to compiling a go program (does more than lexical checks)

Now as for why this was not failing on Travis or CircleCI is that there we were installing using apt-get, and the default repos have out dated versions of go.
So we have the following options:
Instead of go vet, we can use go tool vet
We need to update dependencies and add ppa for go 1.10 for apt and accordingly change the tests as well

or we can adjust appveyor to use go110 ( link )
Ankit Joshi
Mar 15 2018 04:36
@virresh nice one :thumbsup:
Ankit Joshi
Mar 15 2018 07:35
@jayvdb should I include the go version update in the same PR? Or a new issue should take care of it. I support the latter.
John Vandenberg
Mar 15 2018 15:13
@MacBox7 , I would go for a minimal solution atm, whichever that is
Ankit Joshi
Mar 15 2018 15:14
Yes, I have fixed the issues. PR can be merged.
Everyone else can then rebase their PR and submit for reviews.
Ankit Joshi
Mar 15 2018 22:34
Does this require any other changes coala/coala-bears#2338 ?