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May 2018
May 18 2018 07:29
May I be assigned to coala/coala-bears#2471?
Vaibhav Rai
May 18 2018 08:08
anyone help me in getting error during running any Clang bear it showing error undefined symbol: clang_annotateTokens or anyone who solved it ,as it is showing in all the Clang bear
Showing error on stable version.
John Vandenberg
May 18 2018 08:37
@RaiVaibhav see issues in bears and core repos
Especially closed issues
Done @rohanrk
May 18 2018 09:45
anyone assign this coala/coala-bears#2306
John Vandenberg
May 18 2018 10:28
I thought you
were already assigned an issue
Ah finished. Ok assigned you; )