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Jun 2018
Harsh Kumar Bhartiya
Jun 21 2018 07:56 UTC
@jayvdb There are few go get commands in
Should they be moved to
John Vandenberg
Jun 21 2018 13:13 UTC
@harshhx17 no. Already removed most of them
Damian Stachura
Jun 21 2018 14:24 UTC
Hey, I have following problem with repository coala-bears. After reinstallation of my operating system, I cloned my fork of this repo and I installed coala bears from scratch, but after running command pytest I received errors like this : . Do you have any idea what can be the problem?
John Vandenberg
Jun 21 2018 14:26 UTC
@RJ722 ^ that is his baby, hopefully he answers soon
probably your version of vulture is not the correct one for our bear
John Vandenberg
Jun 21 2018 14:49 UTC
@harshhx17 , coala/coala-bears#2538 should make your progress a bit quicker. only a minute, but every minute counts .. ;-)