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Aug 2018
John Vandenberg
Aug 15 2018 07:28
@satwikkansal , it looks like coala/coala-quickstart#206 is ready to get merged. needs a rebase
lxml 4.2.4 is working on appveyor and linux
Satwik Kansal
Aug 15 2018 10:19
yep, it's passing on Appveyor
travis and circle are failing due to some other reason
probably timeout due to multiprocessing in green mode
John Vandenberg
Aug 15 2018 10:24
yup; I got a solution for that
@satwikkansal reviewed
Satwik Kansal
Aug 15 2018 11:07
Fixed @jayvdb
John Vandenberg
Aug 15 2018 11:49
thx @satwikkansal
@yzgyyang , the lxml problem has been solved in quickstart. did you want to fix coala/coala-bears#2651 to work with macOS ?
Guangyuan (Charlie) Yang
Aug 15 2018 12:47
@jayvdb Sure, please assign to me and I will do some investigation
John Vandenberg
Aug 15 2018 12:51
all yours
John Vandenberg
Aug 15 2018 13:41
coala/coala-quickstart#296 green except for a moban MR to be merged
Rafid Aslam
Aug 15 2018 13:52

Btw, does anyone know about this problem in our Travis-CI? especially on what's triggering it

File "_none_", line 1:
Error: No implementations provided for the following modules:
         CamomileLibrary__UTF8 referenced from /home/travis/.opam/system/lib/javalib/javalib.cmxa(Javalib_pack)
         CamomileLibrary__UChar referenced from /home/travis/.opam/system/lib/javalib/javalib.cmxa(Javalib_pack)
         CamomileLibrary__ referenced from /home/travis/.opam/system/lib/javalib/javalib.cmxa(Javalib_pack)
Command exited with code 2.
make[2]: *** [build_java] Error 10
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/travis/infer-linux64-v0.7.0/infer/src'
make[1]: *** [java] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/travis/infer-linux64-v0.7.0/infer'
make: *** [java] Error 2
  compilation failure; you can try running
    make clean
    ./ java

and well, my Travis-CI for coala-bears ( always failing on that step, though I've restarted the job a few times

John Vandenberg
Aug 15 2018 14:05
@harshhx17 ?
Mr Opam
John Vandenberg
Aug 15 2018 14:17
coala/coala-bears#2612 up for review again. @sangamcse already reviewed it once but a few minor changes throughout
Sachin Kumar Kamat
Aug 15 2018 15:22
can i get this issue assigned coala/coala-bears#2304
Aug 15 2018 20:13

@jayvdb Will this format for languages.yaml do

'DocGrammarBear': {'c', 'cpp', 'cs', 'default', 'fortran', 'golang', 'java', 'objective-c', 'php', 'python', 'python3', 'tcl', 'vhdl'},

or should it be the other way around