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Nov 2018
Nov 08 2018 08:48
@jayvdb, Is click (6.6) a direct requirement for coala-bears or not,if YES then why it is not listed as a requirement in coala-bears repo,if NO then why pipdeptree show the above output?
Please to help..
Abhinav Kaushlya
Nov 08 2018 11:14
@li-boxuan I have added some comments to your review. Please have a look :)
Ayan Banerjee
Nov 08 2018 15:46
Does Jinja2Bear support disabling control labels as mentioned here?
If not, then I guess it could be a good improvement.
Ishan Srivastava
Nov 08 2018 18:29
was facing import error on generate_packageTest.pytelling me no module named generate_package on the master branch
tests/ in <module>
    from generate_package import (VERSION, create_file_from_template,