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Nov 2018
John Vandenberg
Nov 09 2018 12:04
See my patches that I've been begging for reviews of :P
But in short, you probably need pytest-pythonpath installed
pip 10+ should be working now, but need to reinstall my forked branch of pytest-pythonpath
JinjaBear was enhanced recently, probably adding what you are looking for
Ayan Banerjee
Nov 09 2018 12:16
Yes, I found that.
Amol Grover
Nov 09 2018 16:31 the search box doesn't work?
Prashant Sharma
Nov 09 2018 17:29
I want to know if we are appending more than one setting while writing tests.
Is following syntax correct?
 def test_results_complete(self):
        self.section.append(Setting('enable', 'unusedFunction'))
        self.section.append(Setting('language', 'c'))
Mischa Krüger
Nov 09 2018 22:45
@abhishalya your gist looks pretty weird. Do you have the requirements installed? Looks for me like you have a version of coala that is not up to date^^
The tests are importing using features that your coala doesn't seem to have^^
importing / using features
Mischa Krüger
Nov 09 2018 22:53
@gutsytechster yeah i mean syntax is okay. Python won't refuse to run to that ^^ semantically it is correct as well, that's why it's called "append" ;)