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Jan 2019
Yash Budukh
Jan 06 06:16
@li-boxuan please assign coala/coala-bears#2180
Boxuan Li
Jan 06 06:20
@budukhyash Can you find another one? See my latest comment for reason
Yash Budukh
Jan 06 06:28
Alright @li-boxuan Assign this coala/coala-bears#2820
Boxuan Li
Jan 06 07:29
@budukhyash Sorry someone else claimed that one earlier than you
Sanchit Khare
Jan 06 07:30
@li-boxuan please merge coala/community#228
Amol Grover
Jan 06 07:51
@li-boxuan please take a look at this issue coala/coala-bears#2833
Ajeet D'Souza
Jan 06 14:28
Hi, I'm working on this issue: coala/coala-bears#2820
I've created the bear and it's running just fine. However, there is already a DockerfileLintBear which uses dockerfile-lint, and I want to add a bear which uses dockerfilelint.
What should I name the bear?