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Jan 2019
Sanchit Khare
Jan 09 06:16
@li-boxuan please assign me the issue coala/coala#5420 due to inactivity of the assignee
Amol Grover
Jan 09 07:17
Please review coala/coala-bears#2836 @li-boxuan
Bhanu Kashyap
Jan 09 17:14
Hi, I'm working on the issue: coala/coala-bears#2738
I am approaching it this way:
I created a commit (made a change in a text file) and then reverted back with git revert HEAD
and then ran coala --files=Spam.txt --bears=GitRevertInspectBear --save
what do I've to do ? :sweat_smile:
coala ran successfully, am I approaching this wrong way ? Please help