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Jan 2019
Boxuan Li
Jan 21 07:11 UTC
iirc you have several issue assigned @arnav-mandal1234 correct me if my memory is wrong
Bharat Purohit
Jan 21 07:45 UTC
I found, there are some bears in coala like -PyLintBear , CheckstyleBear,StylelintBear . they are normalized, but they all are linter bears.
is there any native bear that use 0 based convention.
Arnav Mandal
Jan 21 17:03 UTC
@li-boxuan I was assigned 5 issues, out of which I have submitted two PRs and for remaining three I have some solutions and wanted to discuss with the maintainers. Since, they are busy I wanted you to assign this coala/coala-bears#2411 which I can proceed without much guidance. :)
If it is possible, can I be assigned the mentioned issue?