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May 2019
May 25 10:38
John Vandenberg
May 25 11:34
@frextrite , I am about to be at 100%, and the only critical issue I need a fix for is the Rscript problem assigned to you. Do you think you can have a solution within two days?
Later tonight Ill put up a WIP PR, and then I will get package manager repo green again. Once it is green, the Rscript fix should be mergable, then we can finish getting bears green
Naveen Naidu
May 25 11:36
Awesomeeeee ^_^
May 25 12:45
Amol Grover
May 25 12:51

@jayvdb The simple url version fix would be to generate a url depending upon the package's URL and using that to call install.package(url, ...)?

And the other fix that you proposed, that requires installing remotes package, would first require to check if remotes is installed or not? If not, install it first followed by the specific version of the package?

John Vandenberg
May 25 12:53
for remotes, assume it is installed, but we would add it to the REQUIREMENTS of the package manager class
for url version, I guess the URL is generate-able for at least the few versions we need to support - i.e. only what is in our bear classes atm.
I suppose that the URL guessing might not work for all possible versions of all R packages, but a temporary fix should also be ok
worst case our class could take on some of the role of a package manager and use requests to fetch to CRAN metadata, to get the correct URL for the package version
there is also the option of finding another R package manager and writing a class for it
John Vandenberg
May 25 20:03
coala/coala-bears#2910 fingers crossed, is 100% , or 99.9%