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Abhinav Kaushlya
Not sure, but mostly no.
Salman Khan
Anshul Dutt Sharma
@abhishalya Is it finalised that coala wont participate in gsoc this year?
@anshuldutt21 I guess it's almost confirmed
Because our mentors are busy this year
Boxuan Li
finalised. No gsoc this year.
Gaurav Ahlawat
Coala isn't participating in GSOC this year ?
Are you sure ?
Abhinav Kaushlya
Yes, we are sure.
Hello, my name is Saloni Garg. And I want to participate in this year GSOC 2020. so,can anyone tell me is coala is going to participate in this year's GSOC 2020 or not.
Ruturaj Mohite
Nope, not this year @saloni346
why is Coala not participating in GSOC this year???!!
Utkarsh Sharma
The mentors are busy
Rajat Kumar
Hello World
will coala participate in next year Gsoc ??
Michael Muré
come on, read a few lines up
i was asking about 2021?? Cuz coala has been participating in Gsoc continuously in last 2-3 years. Not participating this year is it temporary or they won't in 2021 too
I know it's very early to ask but just wanted to know did they take decision on further Gsoc's
Maximilian Scholz
@Shiva-sankaran it will depend on if someone/enough people step up as maintainers and mentors to handle the workload
Hello I'm gsteja and new to open source.
I'm interested in contributing to coala
Can any one plz tell me will coala participate in gsoc 2021
Thanq in advance
Abhinav Kaushlya
Its too early to think about that, but I'd definitely like that.
Bhawna Patnaik
Hello! I would like to start contributing to coala and I am unable to find the issues page. Where can I start?
Kunal D. Sonawane
@mitchell-frost, please visit coala and go through the projects you want to contribute to. There will be an issues tab in each repo.
Bhawna Patnaik
I will do that. Thank you.
@abhishalya thanq
hi Amit here I am new to open source and want to contribute to coala community how can i proceed
Deepanshu Udhwani
@/all If you are looking for some open source paid internships have a look at the repository mentioned below and maybe star or fork for your future reference