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Nov 2017
Shashank Kumar
Nov 28 2017 20:52
Hello World
corobo invite me
Hi, I'm having issue inviting myself to 'documentation' chatroom. Should I continue with my contribution on the repository since I've already joined form 'coala/coala' or do I have to be invited here too?
Mischa Krüger
Nov 28 2017 21:14
@realslimshanky corobo seems not to listen on this channel, however the invite corobo has sent you on coala/coala was an invitiation to the whole org, so no you don't have to invite again ;) you can go ahead with your contribution ;)
Shashank Kumar
Nov 28 2017 21:20
Thanks @Makman2 , I'm beginning to see how it's working now. It's okay, I've tamed many telegram bots myself. :D