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Mar 2016
Mar 26 2016 03:06 UTC

@mr-karan you got a comment on pycon india proposal

Can you share more relevant links to the project

Udayan Tandon
Mar 26 2016 03:34 UTC
Where is the proposal being edited can I get the links of that ? I would like to contribute
Karan Sharma
Mar 26 2016 04:24 UTC
@Udayan12167 hey, only the author can edit the proposal. You can give me your inputs I will add them in the proposal.
@AbdealiJK yep I saw that. I am away for a while, will be back tomorrow morning, will add then
Udayan Tandon
Mar 26 2016 05:54 UTC
Yeah so just copy it to a doc ?
And share
Or something like that I just want to glance what's in it?
making a doc wait