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    Nodejs Puerto Rico
    Hi Marke'l
    Marke'l Spellman
    Hi!...Full Stack with 3 years of experience here....ready to partner for ES6, React.js, NodeJS, MySQL and Python/Flask.
    @developer787 Hi, I'm interested
    @3raxton Yes I am
    @kellykels21 adding some content
    by a button
    and delete it and edit it
    that's it
    in this website
    but when i edit it i need to be sure that he is added it by a phone number
    i am who added it*
    i think it's simple but it's important to me
    Umair Ashraf
    Who's online?
    Kirill Rogovoy
    Hey Umair. From my experience, people usually don't respond to questions like that. :) It's usually just better to write the message you were going to write and see if it has replies.
    Umair Ashraf
    I was just wondering if someone is willing to work with me on a one-night-stand idea I had earlier this morning :smile:
    Kirill Rogovoy
    Try describing the idea and what exactly you are going to do. It's easier for people to decide if that's interesting to them when they know what to expect. :)
    Umair Ashraf
    So it's an app to track subscriptions which I want to make in React
    Very much like trackmysubs.com
    Ian Paschal
    If anyone would like to help me trouble shoot this, I’m trying to write some code where some work happens, taking x time, then we wait 1 tick time - x, so that the next round happens exactly 1 * tick time later.
    aka a game loop.
    Ian Paschal
    Gist contains my original attempt, problem explanation, and possible solution which doesn’t look like it works
    Daniel Bråtasæter
    @ianpaschal i have a a simple gameloop/timer class for javascript that i use in my canvas games. it allows 60 FPS and higher frames and if the client's deltaTime is ever slower than that, it adds more cycles to it so they cannot just glitch trough the wall etc if they lagg. can post if interested
    Ian Paschal
    Yes for sure
    Daniel Bråtasæter
    Ian Paschal
    Thanks @zandzpider_twitter . That was my first approach as well. But since this is for a server, tying it to frame rates is unecessary and I hate the “try to run a lot and sometimes actually do” approach as its really not how proper async JS should be written IMO.
    Kirill Rogovoy
    Hey guys! I'm working on the next version of Code Duet – the web app. Gonna be on it for the next hour or two. Ping me if you wanna join. I'm currently trying to figure out how the list of the active postings should look like.
    Andrew Prifer
    Hi, for future reference: which one do you guys prefer: Hangouts or AppearIn?
    Kirill Rogovoy

    I usually go with Hangouts. The last time I tried AppearIn, the biggest problem was that you had to download a browser plugin to enable screen sharing – a vital feature for pair programming.

    I liked everything else about AppearIn though.

    I'm probably gonna spend some more time on Code Duet tomorrow. If anyone wants to have fun on that, drop me a message. :)
    Hi, I'm working on a simple python package, ping me if you want to join
    Kirill Rogovoy
    Ahhh, I would love to actually, but I have a flight in an hour. :(
    Enrico Polanski
    hey all, looking for somebody to mentor in JS
    better if you hasve discord
    write me at Aquazi#8101
    i am working on an ecommerce site
    i am using nuxtjs/vue/express/mongoose
    the site is basically like amazon. but without online payment system.
    ping me if you are interested
    Hey guys, I want to learn/practice python for data science (machine learning , neuronal networks and so), Is there someone with the same goal ?so we can work out togheter. :)
    I have just started to code recently. PM me if anyone is doing Ruby at the moment.=)
    Jesús Burgos Maciá
    @cryptokitties0327 I'm very fluent with Ruby and would like to pair with someone
    Jesús Burgos Maciá
    if anyone wants help with a Ruby project just ping me, I would love to practice pair programming and hopefully I can help you
    Elham Ali
    Hi all! I'd love to pair up with someone with either full-stack or back-end interest/experience in Javascript and node.js for a project I am working on. I'd love to do code reviews and work together for the same goal. Any interest? Ping me
    @Jesus you good with rails? rails core I mean
    Hello, I have 2 years work experience in Java and I am looking for a person who would like to build with me project using spring (app idea is not yet clarified :))
    rushabh parmar
    hello everyone
    any go developer who wants to work as a freelancer please fill free to contact me
    @parmarrushabh pm me
    Remus Richard Dumitrache
    @piotrkosinski1992 Yo add me in github or somewere I'm in
    Akhmad Faizin
    Hi, I'm a new programmer learning android development , if anyone interest learning together, just let me know