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    James Komo
    I am working on an Angular App that uses API calls to pull data From GitHub. Anyone wanna pair?
    Enrico Polanski
    looking for a buddy for a full stack development on react/koa, can also mentor less experienced javascript users
    @VulcanRav hi I would be interested
    Hi want to have fun brushing over basics again to give you firm foundation on Frameworks? Why don't we pair program together on projects regarding HTML, CSS and JS, with algos too. Its gonna be leggit FUN!
    Kartik Gera
    @jakazzy I would like to practice algos and JS.
    Hi, is anyone up for some pair programming in react ? Maybe we can try building something from this list https://medium.freecodecamp.org/here-are-some-app-ideas-you-can-build-to-level-up-your-coding-skills-39618291f672
    Yasir Karam
    Hi, I need someone who pair programming on react web app, am practicing code skills, am with ES6, JS fundamentals
    HI, who is onelien now and up for some pair programming in python?
    Evan Yang
    Who's online right now and wants to pair program!
    Hi, @mtrew2015
    @akhmadfaizin , do you have any interesting idea about study project?)
    Hi! Anyone want to pair program some algorithms for practice?
    Hello everyone. Anyone open to working on react-apps I'm open to pair. Thanks
    @LindafHarrison I would like to join you. 1 hour a day maybe
    Oleg Tchernov
    whats up everyone
    looking for someone to create full-stack angular + java app for a long term
    @piotrkosinski1992 Hi Piotr. I am interested.
    divya sampath
    @mwongeraE am interested evans
    Hi, if anybody want to work on react projects, javascript data structures and algorithms you can contact me.
    Hey is anyone around right now?
    Krittiya Clark
    I am looking for a pair program to help with React project. I have 3 problems to solve. 1. with sort API functions 2. Implement the Switcher with the sort function 3. Implement the Search input file with the sort function.
    Manny Hagman
    I can help with React questions
    I am Luis , I'm looking for a partner to increase our coding skill , specifically on web development.
    First I tell you a little about me , if you think that we can make great partners , send my a reply.
    I have time to pair programing between this hours UTC hour 02:00 AM to 05:00 AM
    My knowlegment about web development is about this two pages made by me :
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAuWuPeWddM :Geochat project.
    http://www.ezcala.club/ : A static website.
    My objective is work remotely on full stack development
    I starting to learn the backend side with node.js , And if you are interested on this topic , we can learnt it together.
    Have fun coding
    hello everyone ! i am learning angular and practicing by making small web apps. currently i am looking for a developer to practice together as it can be sometimes boring to code alone. is anyone interested ?
    Francisco Prin
    I wonder if someone has a project or want to start a project to learn pySpark.
    @krittiyaclark Hellow I am not an expert in react, but I could help you. Let me know if you are currently working on some repo.
    Francisco Prin
    @krethan I really like to do a project where I use redux more often.
    Hi, all I am (maybe) a low intermediate/intermediate level coder (I actually have a CS degree from long ago I never used until recently). Currently, I'm learning React/Nodejs. I have built by myself 1-Chrome extension to filter meetup.com groups by (size > x) (in JS/Chrome), 2-Crypto Index Fund Calculator (scrape prices from coinmarketcap.com and calculate Index value of top 20 cryptos) (Ruby on Rails), 3-Bitcoin Wallet mobile app that scans a Bitcoin gift card (react-native but this was mostly forked code). I would like to use react/nodejs to build some simple business apps (i.e. a shopify app, a IG script, twitter script, ebay script, etc.) i.e. something that helps some small business somehow. I also have 2 "larger" projects that could potentially be worked on but may take too long to finish. If you have a "simple" business app/script idea to work on I'm open to that too.
    Hi @deevilboy I start several months ago to be a fullstack developer for a startup in Paris (Lifen) and I’m looking for a Pair Programming partner to work on side projects. I’ve got some skills in JS (NodeJs, VueJs, Angular) and Java (Spring, Hibernate...) but I’m also ready to explore new languages and tools! If you are interested contact me for some coding!
    I want to do pair programming in Java
    @hariharanep4 I am interested
    Yohann Pruneau
    hey @hariharanep4 im a fellow java enthousiast , if anyone want to try :) i lack team experience and versionning task
    I want to have some fun with web development with someone. I'll learn whatever you want me to, so we can work on some cool impressive projects together
    If you want to join me on some project, dm me on discord PotatoWasTaken#6254
    hey guys, I am a Fullstack software developer with 3 years of experience in PHP Laravel and Vue js. I want to specialize in Backend development in node Js and Mongo DB. If anyone wants to pair programming with me it will be highly appreciable. If any frontend dev wants to connect with me I can build the REST API for any application. He/she can build their frontend in any framework (React, Angular, Vue, Svelte).
    looking for someone for reactjs and nodejs project to work on together
    Yahya NOUALI
    Hi @clemb08, I'm intrested
    Hello @krethan, I'm intrested
    @kaustav1808 Hello
    i'm looking for flutter pair programming..
    Yash Raj Bothra
    Hello guys @everyone I want to practice algorithms and build some javascript projects. If anybody wants to learn and grow together please let me know you can reach out to me on yashrajbothra786@gmaill.com.
    credba 670
    anyone looking to learn reactjs by working on free project can collborate with me on discord msg me at - crebda670#3530
    hello everyone
    I am learning JS online
    anybody wants to join mw in co-learning