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Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> It probably requires an understanding of how Elixir projects work to really host it. The site name is configurable but the logo images, changes page, and terms of service / privacy policy are hardcoded in there and those you'd need to change if you were to run it for others than yourself
[discord] <evader> not to be reductive or dismissive, but those sound fairly greppable
[discord] <Nicd> Sure, it'll just deviate from the main codebase then. Of course the master branch is moving at a glacial pace so not that big of an issue :D
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> Anyway good luck
[discord] <Nicd> I can help with problems you might have, just ask here
[discord] <evader> I will see how it looks breaking them out into separate, configurable files and leave your stuff as default if it helps maintaining compatibility with the upstream. can only hope to see how it goes 🙂 thanks a lot for your time, really appreciate the prompt and frank responses
[discord] <Nicd> Well, unless you have Windows...
[discord] <evader> no chance 😄
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> now to manage your expectations a bit, the main aim of Code::Stats and the code repo is https://codestats.net/, that is, the main site. so the repo is geared towards ease of developing the main site and I would be wary of PRs that would make it more cumbersome to work with the main site.
[discord] <Nicd> I wonder if I'll have to make any changes to the JetBrains plugin due to this: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/dst-root-ca-x3-expiration-september-2021/
[discord] <Nicd> since it bundles the DST Root CA X3 and the ISRG Root X1
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> so that's 21 KB traffic every time you get new XP, that's not good
Tunnel Master
[discord] <> GayCookie.dev ❤🌈> ouch
[discord] <Nicd> currently seeing if I can just use the existing chartjs charts with hooks. so LiveView will just transfer the data in the DOM and chartjs will render based on that
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Jonathan Hacklife 🛠> In line 17, if you get a new data and the instance of the graphic already exists, you only modify the parameters of the graphic (Line 41).
[discord] <Jonathan Hacklife 🛠> Maybe that can work. In my case it has worked correctly and the instance is created only once.
[discord] <Nicd> thanks but I'm talking about Phoenix LiveView and ContEx here 🙂
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> reimplemented it in chartjs, just needs: setting the language colours, grouping some of them as "Other", adding back flow data…
[discord] <Nicd> but dataset generation is done in Elixir now so the chart code is much cleaner
[discord] <Nicd> time for some Bioshock
[discord] <Nicd> also had to update chartjs to 3.5.1 so that breaks a bunch of stuff
Tunnel Master
[discord] <dbaer> @Nicd hmm, at work we use a library that takes json which i just output directly to the page with eex tags
[discord] <dbaer> would that be diffable?
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> that output I showed is diffable and is used to feed the chart now... well, sort of diffable
[discord] <Nicd> I think I would need to make stateful components out of it to get the best diffs
[discord] <Nicd> but it's good enough for now
Tunnel Master
[discord] <dbaer> @Nicd doesn't pragmatic studio have a section on graphing?
[discord] <Nicd> Is that a book?
[discord] <dbaer> and yeah theyve got one called charting which looks maybe like what you want
[discord] <Nicd> Lol $129
This message was deleted
[discord] <Nicd> Let's not do that
[discord] <dbaer> its just the video notes lol
[discord] <Nicd> Anyway I'll just use chartjs so I can progress
[discord] <dbaer> ¯_(ツ)_/¯
[discord] <Nicd> Just need to fix the issues going from 2 to 3
[discord] <Nicd> Since the dataset comes directly from the backend, it works really nicely
[discord] <Nicd> Well chartjs is still shit but at least it's working right now
[discord] <dbaer> @Nicd half of that course is also free btw
[discord] <dbaer> i'm surprised you hadn't heard of it
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> I'm not really a course/book person
[discord] <dbaer> fair enough
[discord] <Nicd> Much to my shame I've had Elixir in Action for 2 or 3 years and haven't read a page
[discord] <dbaer> mmm. i've glanced at the Phoenix book like once. i think i bought it like 5 or 6 years ago now
[discord] <Nicd> I have another book also, both won from the forum for being a good boy. Haven't looked at that either. I should.
[discord] <Nicd> Thanks for the tips though
[discord] <dbaer> indeedly
Tunnel Master
[discord] <dbaer> i'm gonna have to go through all this myself converting my graphs to liveview eventually
[discord] <dbaer> it'll probably be my easiest liveview problem though hahahah