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Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> so a similar one but with flow data
[discord] <Nicd> but this is a bit small
[discord] <Nicd> or maybe I could put the data in the same full-width chart? like two axes
[discord] <Nicd> but it's difficult to read if there are two bars next to each other for every hour
[discord] <Avior> Maybe you could "merge" AM and PM times ?
[discord] <Nicd> I don't want to do that
[discord] <Nicd> like put them in different directions
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Avior> In the other direction like ?
[discord] <Nicd> that's also a possibility but then it's really tall
[discord] <Avior> Wouldn't be it as tall as the current one ?
[discord] <Nicd> well sure, it's adjustable
[discord] <Nicd> but I just can't seem to get the flow data to draw on the right side
[discord] <Nicd> the data exists but it draws nothing
[discord] <dbaer> it's hiding
[discord] <dbaer> @Nicd are you terribly familiar with the dom patching of liveview?
[discord] <Nicd> not the morphdom side
[discord] <dbaer> i'm having issues with indexes that only have 100 records in the table, morphdom takes forever to patch the livemodal
[discord] <dbaer> i thought it was liveview itself, but i checked the browser performance and it was taking a second to recalculate the styles and layout again
[discord] <dbaer> unfortunately everything i've read online tells me that shouldn't happen lol
[discord] <dbaer> like damn, the non-liveview version is way faster
[discord] <dbaer> this morphdom though... hmmm
Tunnel Master
[discord] <dbaer> my biggest worry is i was testing with an extremely simple data set. my production data set is gonna calf the browser lol
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> hmm I can implement it as two different charts
[discord] <Nicd> then there will be a margin but oh well
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> I solved it!
[discord] <dbaer> 🎊
[discord] <Nicd> I was doing item.h when I had to do item.y 😐
[discord] <> GayCookie.dev ❤🌈> :CB_giggle:
[discord] <Nicd> right side is random data for now
[discord] <Nicd> do you think XP should be on the left or right?
[discord] <dbaer> it seems like it would be fine on either side. flip a coin?
[discord] <> GayCookie.dev ❤🌈> The one you expect to have more data in overal, I would put that to the left (or like more important)
[discord] <Nicd> let's see when I add my actual flow data
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> btw we have to suffer a tiny data inaccuracy with the flow data
[discord] <Nicd> since the flows only store local start time and duration, it's possible that there will be wrong hours when there is a DST switch
[discord] <Nicd> so let's say your start time is 02:00 and duration is 135 minutes, with a simple calculation you would say "02" 60 minutes, "03" 60 minutes, "04" 15 minutes. but maybe there is a DST switch and the actual result is "02" 120 minutes, "03" 15 minutes
[discord] <Nicd> if at 03:00 it goes back to 02:00
Tunnel Master
[discord] <Nicd> but we can't know when that happens, so we'll just have to go with the simple calculation. but I'm assuming that it'll just disappear in the data because probably it's quite rare to be programming at the DST switch hour (and it only happens once per year typically)
Tunnel Master
[discord] <dbaer> @Nicd oh no. i now have two reasons to make flexbox based table component in liveview ;_;
[discord] <dbaer> i'm not entirely sure if its a good idea conceptually but i don't see how to solve a couple UI problems with html tables
Tunnel Master
[discord] <dbaer> i wonder if it would be better to move columns and sort client side, it takes a long time doing it with liveview
[discord] <Nicd> my best flows are in the evenings 😄
[discord] <Nicd> when I'm working on Code::Stats
[discord] <dbaer> looks great!
[discord] <dbaer> i think i can live with the latency https://lithi.io/file/dhmr.mp4