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Prateek Chanda
great @the-ethan-hunt . are u going to kgp on 21st?
thanks @Zanark @Arkadyuti30
Prateek Chanda

I gave some comments in your applications @/all
Hope you have a great GSOC this year
Dhruv Apte
@prateekiiest ,yes. Will I be seeing you there?
Prateek Chanda
Yeah I am going too
Dhruv Apte
See you there!
Prateek Chanda
see you too there :thumbsup:
@prateekiiest sir i have submitted the final evalution
Prateek Chanda
saw that
Rahul Arulkumaran
By when would we get the final evaluation results?
Any idea anyone?
Prateek Chanda
anyone got the results about final evaluation?
And I am going to KGP tomorrow
I hope I can meet some of you there :)
Arkadyuti Paul
When will we get our results?
Priyangshu yogi
When will the result be out??
Can someone help me with these algorithms?
Prateek Chanda
@Arkadyuti30 @Priyangshuyogi got the results?
sorry for the so late reply :(
Arkadyuti Paul
@prateekiiest yes, I did get my certificate! :)
Oleksii Trekhleb
Hello Everyone,
I've recently launched JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures repository on GitHub - https://github.com/trekhleb/javascript-algorithms . This repository contains examples, explanations and links for further readings about some classic algorithms and data structures. I hope it might be interesting and useful for someone in this chat.
Prateek Chanda
Hey @trekhleb That's great.
@/all please do have a look at his project
Hi guys I have an algorithm that I don't know how to implement if somebody have some free time I will explain a bit specific. Thanks
hi, is there anybody who is reading or has read "Concrete Mathematics"? i don't get first inequality in chapter 1.2 when it goes about slicing the pizza. i can't get why it's written Ln <= Ln-1 + n, but not Ln <= Ln-1 + n - 1
Mohamed Akidh
Hey guys anybody have idea on this....?? 3.1 Design suitable algorithms for vehicle tariff calculation for rents and hires
lokendra singh chouhan
hey @alexander can you share your idea with me ?
hey guys. Has anyone worked on Mars rover algorithm pls?I need input about how to rotate the rover at an angle.thanks
Anyone here who understands big o notation?
Buddhika Chathuranga
hey guys
is there any one who can help me with combined study on java, data stuctures and algrithms
Hey guys, been struggling on this dynamic programming problem so would appreciate any assistance! https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55770052/minimum-repetitions-in-merged-array-of-characters
@keepwritingcode I would suggest you to first go through the hackerearth tutorials on Ds and algorithms
@phao5814 Someone just answered your question on stackoverflow. By the way, where did you find it? Its a good one...
Hey folks, hi. I am new to Gitter and looking for exploring DataStrucutres and Algos in Python. Can anyone point me here to the pinned posts?
Godsgift ThankGod AKARI
Hi Everyone , am just started studying Algo. I have used alot of materials and still finding it confusing
am more JavaScript
Godsgift ThankGod AKARI
Can someone help me ,recommend some materials to get me started on Algo?
Richa verma
Hey ! i started learning some days ago ,now i am having some problems , i need someone to talk .
DJ Tinkers

Anyone interested in an opensource project?

Spec oriented development speeds up programming by generating code based on tests/specs. Tests required will be the same or less specs as a normal developer writes.


MSG me if interested

DJ Tinkers

Algorithm that writes algorithms with little data unlike machine learnings pitfalls


Avishek Datta
hey guys
Hey guys I had a question, what would be the best way to filter/search through this "tree"?
I am using a data structure like this
class Node{
id: string;
text: string;
children: Node[];
level: number;
and I would like to come up with something that is not crazy high complexity
the output should be an object structured the same way, where
only nodes who contain the search term on their text field or their children contain it should be left in the output object
Ashish varma Pericharla
Hi have started with programming and learning the basic data structures. I want to have a strong foundation in this area, any suggestions?