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Apr 2014
James Riley
Apr 07 2014 05:35
Hello all - looking forward to coaching for the first time this Wednesday =D
@despo, just a heads up that I also had the invitation go into my Spam folder (on a Google Apps backed email account)
Despo Pentara
Apr 07 2014 10:55
@mrjamesriley thanks for letting me know James, was this the invitation I sent out yesterday?
James Riley
Apr 07 2014 11:06
Yes, both the 'Request for coaches' and 'Attendance Confirmation' went straight to spam :worried:
Despo Pentara
Apr 07 2014 11:11
@mrjamesriley :worried: I made a couple of tweaks on Friday night, was hoping that this was the end of that. Seems like is only so good. I'll look a bit more into it.
Daniel Barber
Apr 07 2014 14:44
@despo For what it's worth, the emails go straight into my inbox. My mail is hosted with Fastmail.
Claudio Ortolina
Apr 07 2014 15:50
never had an issue as well
Apr 07 2014 16:33
Hi @despo how can I join Wednesday's session? Can you tell me a bit more about it? I know HTML, CSS, a bit of javascript and have been teaching myself RoR.
Despo Pentara
Apr 07 2014 17:16
Hi @lb0202 I just got back to your email!
Despo Pentara
Apr 07 2014 17:36
about the email guys I don't know. :| pretty much stuck atm. I'll worry about that tomorrow. If you dont get an invitation remember you should be able to access them through the portal as well, after you login to
even though the issue is mostly emails to students