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Jun 2014
Alex Jahraus
Jun 25 2014 06:16 UTC
Brand new beginner-level article by Chris Coyier showing examples of how Web languages fit together:
Dan Hassan
Jun 25 2014 09:53 UTC
from my experience you become proficient in whatever we spend our time in :) to a degree it also depends on what the trainer is able to help with… small productivity tips can be an enjoyable and fun thing to learn, so you’ll miss out on that aspect if we’re recommending editors we don’t know how to use ourselves….
I’ve be leanring this recently in an ‘immersive course’ - I’m on vim and everyone else is on sublime… the trainer knows many sublime shortcuts which look great but knows nothing about vim… I’m lucky to have friends who use vim who say ‘hey! have you seen this?'
Despo Pentara
Jun 25 2014 10:30 UTC
Hey guys, I would like to merge this in before the workshop today. Can you have a look and see if you have any feedback please codebar/tutorials#94
Jun 25 2014 11:28 UTC
Sublime text edit, has a one person/organisation per licence, not per device, would it be bad to say that one could be shared for codebar students ?
Alex Jahraus
Jun 25 2014 12:21 UTC
@thealmightyis I’d say that would violate their SLA, since "the codebar students" are by no standards an organisation, they are clearly individuals.
Ollie Silviotti
Jun 25 2014 12:43 UTC

I made a couple of minor comments on the lessons @despo - nothing major, looks good to me.

Re:editors - I don't think there's really a need to move away from using Sublime unless people find the pop-up that annoying, especially if they're happy for students to use it indefinitely. Notepad++ and Atom are good alternatives if not though.

Jon Kelly
Jun 25 2014 15:04 UTC
@despo - I looked at the first changed file, and there are some really good changes in there, both from a technical and from a teaching perspective. Only one small comment from me. I'll look at the second file later.
Baris Balic
Jun 25 2014 18:46 UTC