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Jul 2014
Abby Millward
Jul 14 2014 20:58
How do I list as attending the wednesday workshop? When I click the email invite then click 'attend', it just puts me back on the same page
Alexander Jahraus
Jul 14 2014 22:02
It might be because the Wednesday workshop is now fully booked. When I try to attend now, the following message appears above the hero image: "Unfortunately there are no more spaces left :(. If you would like to join our waiting list send us an email at"
Andrew McDonough
Jul 14 2014 22:05
Unfortunately the capacity is limited by the sizes of the office that currently host. If anybody knows of bigger spaces that would accommodate, I'm sure @despo would love to hear from you.
In other Codebar news, for those who didn't make it, Rosa did an awesome job representing Codebar at LRUG this evening. Her talk should be up on the Skillsmatter website soon.