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Jul 2014
Bence Varga
Jul 23 2014 10:44
Hey guys, I'm new here. I'd like to attend the next event as a coach, but I've had a slight concerns. I've worked as a developer in London for a year or so, therefore I'm not really confided about if my skills in the language would be enough to lead other person towards improving her skills. I've been programming for almost 20 years, so I'm merely worrying about my English. But, I must say that I have a huge motivation to help other people to get better at programming. What are your thoughts on this?
Alexander Jahraus
Jul 23 2014 12:46
@vbence86 judging from your message your English is just fine :) And if you have been programming for 20 years I’m sure you have plenty of knowledge to share. Many of the codebar students have just a little coding experience or even none at all: I’ve done the introduction to HTML a few times already. Just register as a coach, wait for the invitation to one of the events, come along and see whether you like it.
Jul 23 2014 20:06
@helveticafire hi