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Jan 2015
Andrew Betts
Jan 08 2015 00:03 UTC
Just signed up as a coach and got my first invite to the event at pivotal on the 14th. Is it dog friendly?
Alex Jahraus
Jan 08 2015 09:21 UTC

@triblondon not sure, but tweet your question to @nodunayo, our host at Pivotal Labs, she’ll be able to help.

Also some people (like myself) have dog allergies, and the room at the Pivotal Labs offices is rather small, but I guess sitting far away from the dog should not be a problem :)

Kriszta Matyi
Jan 08 2015 18:54 UTC
@triblondon I asked Nadia, our host at Pivotal Labs, and the office is unfortunately not dog friendly. Hopefully you can still make it to the workshop!
Andrew Betts
Jan 08 2015 18:56 UTC
OK, thanks folks. It's not a problem, I'd be sad if I arrived to find you had a whole menagerie and I had left Shadow at home.