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Jan 2015
Tomáš Fejfar
Jan 10 2015 18:24 UTC
Hi, I subscribed to Cambridge group as coach. I am still not sure though how much knowledge am I supposed to have. I've been developing PHP web apps for 9 years now. I think I have enough experience to guide anyone through the first tutorials except the Ruby one. Do you think that's a problem? I could go thŕough the Ruby tutorial and learn it, but there is no chance that I will have answers to every problem the students may have.
Jon Kelly
Jan 10 2015 19:13 UTC
@tomasfejfar As a coach at the London codebar group, most coaches only coach some of the tutorials, so it's not necessary to know everything. Many students have little experience, so the role of coaches is to be part of a supportive environment, just as much as answering questions. Have a good time coaching!
Tomáš Fejfar
Jan 10 2015 19:14 UTC
Happy to hear that! :) I'm looking forward to it.
Alex Pounds
Jan 10 2015 20:35 UTC
@tomasfejfar Another thing is: saying "I don't know either. How could we find out?" is usually a good opportunity for teaching - both you and the student learns something. :) Stuff like "How do I answer my own questions?" and "How do I figure out if this StackOverflow answer applies to me?" is a skill that isn't covered in the tutorials, but is super-useful.
Nick Jacobs
Jan 10 2015 21:11 UTC
@creature Really good point about "how do we find that out?" I think it's really important to get the students to understand that while there are certain things you need to know cold as a developer, you don't have to memorize every last parameter of every API call.